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2023 - current

The Mystifiers 365

Welcome to The Mystifiers 365, a program designed for musicians eager to elevate their musical journey. This program focuses on band dynamics, composing original music, recording in a professional studio and live performances.

In the initial phase, four minibands concurrently craft their unique sound. Professionally recording one or two tracks from each miniband marks the culmination of this phase

Transitioning into the second phase, where the minibands will be merged into one big band. The grand finale of the year unfolds with three performances bringing the year-long musical journey to a crescendo.


Nothing Feels Better

The Mystifiers had the commission to create HVO-Querido’s 2022 Christmas song and music video.

Written, recorded and filmed during the winter of 2022 - a winter that begun with a deep Siberian chill taking the streets of Amsterdam down to a bone chilling minus 7 degrees -  Nothing Feels Better is a call for all our rights to shelter and warmth, physically and psychologically.

2022 - current

The Transformers

The Transformers is a new pop band from Rotterdam, founded by Mystifiers members Marije van Rijn and Hans Vermunt. The different life experiences of the band members tell a wider story of the city of Rotterdam. Whether it’s an ode to the river Maas, a call to be free from isolation or feeling like a traveling bird, the music of The Transformers is honest and gripping. The real experience of living on the street from some of the band members is transformed into music from the heart, resonating with a shared love for the city, the power to always get back up on your feet and the universal need to connect.

Schermafbeelding 2022-08-01 om 20.53.57.png

The Mystifiers Tour

Incredible music was created during the Marktmaal Sessions, which is more than worth hearing by a large audience. The Amsterdam Tour 2022 realises our ultimate goal: to make a group of underexposed, talented musicians visible and to connect the social and cultural sectors. In collaboration with established artists, festivals and venues we bring the theme of social inclusion to the attention of a wider audience, therewith enriching the cultural sector of Amsterdam as a whole.


Soundtrack City - Listening Guides

Following on from Homing Inside Out (2020) - a listening guide for Home Qurantine, in 2022 The Mystifiers collaborated with Soundtrack City on a journey into the art of intergenerational playful listening. The Listening Guide Play Play Play, all day every day, features contributions from 3 of our collective. Digging into their approaches to listening and the theme of ‘play’, they have created unique ‘Listening Scores’ to be performed by anyone, anywhere. The listening guide was launched at OBA Oosterdok during Amsterdam on World Listening Day, featuring a solo interactive performance by Mystifiers member Lieselot.

2021 - 2022

The Marktmaal Sessions


Connecting the people of Amsterdam around food and music. That’s what The Markt Maal Sessions is all about. Markt Centraal and culinary adventure company Mr Kitchen organize ‘Markt Maal’. A weekly community dinner cooked by, with and for the neighbourhood: from student, single person, family, hipster, lost tourist, Food Center employee to distant neighbour with a healthy appetite. Those who don't have money but are hungry can always inquire whether an extra Maatjes Maal has been paid for by more able-bodied guests. Every month Markt Maal is graced with the music of The Mystifiers.


Slow Down Amsterdam

A series of films created by The Mystifiers alongside visual artist Desiré van den Berg. Co-created and devised as a collective, through workshops, studio sessions and on-location filming, SDA presents a series of 'slowed down stories' that illuminate and celebrate unrepresented people and places of Amsterdam. Taking a moment to slow down reality, the films offer a unique opportunity for the audience to experience the city from the perspective of the Mystifiers. Creating a new vision of the city in slow motion.


NO City Walk

In collaboration with STEIM and Soundtrackcity, we invited you to slow down with us and to focus simply by listening. The ‘NO City Walk’ is an audio walk narrated with quarantine city sounds, reflections and music by the band members of The Mystifiers.


Saints & Astronauts

Audiovisual installation in collaboration with Desiré v/d Berg, which complemented the Mass of Pynarello on Christmas Eve. A poetic mass about darkness, stars and our place in the universe, inspired by Jean Philippe Rameau's Castor & Pollux.


Mystifiers intensives

Collaboration with HVO Querido in which amateur musicians, professional musicians and conservatory students worked together for a week. All participants were encouraged to throw their own musical ideas. Joint compositions came into existence on the spot and were showcased at the end of the week.

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