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The foundation


The Mystifiers Foundation exists to empower and connect people through music, bridging the gap between the professional music industry and the social music sector. We aim to help ease the daily challenges related to psychosocial issues and homelessness, bringing public awareness to musicians that are on the periphery of society.

Our programs contribute to social cohesion by providing access to collaborative and co-created cultural opportunities. Guiding and stimulating local talent to develop new artistic skills and performance experiences. 


We are committed to the inclusion of all musicians and believe that existing in diverse musical communities, triggers the necessary change in our societies. By listening closely to all the needs of all our members we develop shared ownership and artistic relevance. 

Our foundation opens new doors for our members to reconnect to society, increases self-confidence, reduces (self) stigmatisation and helps combat isolation. We aim to bring dignity back to our sonic streets.

The Orchestra


The Mystifiers Orchestra is a creative collective of musicians based in Amsterdam, a diverse group made from local enthusiasts, new learners, conservatory students and professional musicians. We work together with HVO Querido to enable amateur musicians, who usually make music individually, to connect with other musicians and with a public audience.

The orchestra explores co-creating new music in an inspiring setting in which everyone participates equally. Through composing and producing together as a large ensemble, acknowledging individual musical needs and pursuing artistic quality we benefit the psychological well-being and daily functioning of our band members.

Our performances bring different worlds together, to show that we are not that different. The orchestra illuminates and celebrates the unrepresented musicians of Amsterdam, bringing social inclusion into the awareness of a broader public and helps to enrich the wider cultural sector.

“I especially learned that boundaries and differences between people disappear. Facilitator, client, student, professional musician... we are all the same! The language of music is universal. Offering a stage to our target group in this way is healing. Music is the key The Mystifiers has more than proven itself in recovery support care.”

- Glenn van den Berg, HVO-Querido

Behind the foundation

Guy Wood


Anne van Egmond

project leader

Diana Krabbendam


Sharon Lagadeau


Pieter Bertram



Stichting The Mystifiers
Wederikpad 1
1032 VC Amsterdam
KvK: 74574434
RSIN: 859953889

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